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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Welcome Wake!

How we got a Wake:    After waiting for what seemed like an eternity (five days after the due date) and several sessions of labor inducing acupuncture and massage our new little dude made his screaming appearance.  The active labor drives to the hospital are much more hilarious in movies than in real life.  Weighing the midwife skills of the local law enforcement officials, and the cost of detailing the interior of our Volvo-  I kept it under 65.  The nurses gave us several disappointing looks as we were stopping for contractions every few feet in the hospital corridors. "Oh come on people!  Can't you plan out your lives a little better?"  Right before the HazMat Team was called out we were met with a wheelchair and sped off to delivery.  Poor Emmie was committed to not reliving the joy of another natural childbirth, but Wake was already through customs before we could get the drugs onboard. Working with the ferver of a Nascar Pit Crew (and sometimes the colorful dialect)  Emmie, Midwife, Doula, Nurse and I worked our assigned   stations.  We arrived at 3:30 and Wake popped out at 4:50.
Still Tired From The Move.

Proud Sister, Happy Grandam, Hungry Wake.

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